Brendon Erasmus


Brendon Erasmus

b. 1988, Brendon Erasmus is a contemporary artist and musician based in Pretoria, South Africa.

Following the previous body of work, the new collection of paintings, drawings and video continue to explore the uncertainty of our contemporary situation, as well as a deep interest to make new connections between painting, history, and the present. Sentiments of decay and progress, specifically embodied in the Dogtown culture of the 1970’s, are interweaved with questions surrounding the current inclination of South African social dynamics, race politics, and attitudes towards migration.

Empty pools, shadow figures and distortions recur throughout, and include previously used motifs such as discarded palm branches, waste filters and bamboo. Some of the clinically linear compositions revisit earlier abstract explorations, with a reduced sense of colour, tone, and space. Mood is central to this body of work: a sense of fear and neuroticism is pervasive in the spaces between interior and exterior; the tone being now, of today, even tomorrow. Throughout, I have aimed to capture a particular essence of what it feels like to be part of a species that has lost control of place and time.

In a further attempt to trace and map this loss – to question the conditions of my generation’s frail nature – a debut exploration of moving images has emerged, combining video, painting, installation, performance and sound. Each video evolves in a detached, linear narrative concerning our collective history. Its protagonist, Vertical, manifests himself in tripart as the subject, cause, and initiator of a semi-autobiographical portrait.

Email: brendonerasmus@gmail.com