Nolene Gerber




Nolene Gerber (1989) is an arts administrator currently employed as Company Liaison Officer at Dionysus Sculpture Works and as the Secretary to the South African National Association for the Visual Arts. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Visual Studies at the University of Pretoria in 2012 with a philosophy major. She went on to explore various creative sectors, from the film industry to academia to managing an illustration collective, after which she took on the role of Gallery Manager at Fried Contemporary Art Gallery in Pretoria. Here she discovered her enjoyment and affinity for the business sector. Her interest in the arts lies specifically in the relationship between the visual and the written, between deconstruction and aesthetics. With the technicalities and logistics of the day to day, she spends her free time escaping through fantasy and sci-fi novels, studying Japanese and creating worlds for her dungeons and dragons campaign.