A group exhibition acknowledging 20 years of conjunction and reciprocity at Dionysus Sculpture Works’ studio and foundry
Curated by Elani Willemse

‘Tacit knowledge’ is attained as personal knowledge through creativity which cannot be easily vocalised or instructed. Through hands-on experience, sharing and implicitly guiding one another, artists harness and refine their skills to reach a level of sensitive technical proficiency. This ‘know-how’ is the undercurrent stream that flows through the collective called DSW.


Now 20 years old, DSW finds itself in a constant state of development; growing and maturing with every project produced within it. Its contemporary and fluid work-ethic allows for change and progress and this is indicative of its relationship with the artists; former and current.


Tacit commemorates the collective of artists who have been affiliated with the studio since its establishment in 1996 by the sculptor Angus van Zyl Taylor. First functioning as a finishing school for young aspiring sculptors, artists have had the opportunity to mentor and hone their skills within the studio space. The integration of artists and the opportunity to work with knowledgeable sculptors has been of paramount importance with regard to tacit learning within the studio environment.


Today the studio serves as a creative hub where artists and sculptors alike can come together in an interactive space to share and grow as contemporary creatives. Although DSW continues to evolve in size and technological equipment, its ethos of respect for materials and the pursuit of knowledge in the tacit form remains.


The exhibition opened at the NWU Gallery in Potchefstroom in May 2016, and has since travelled to the William Humphreys Art Gallery in Kimberley, the Pretoria Art Museum and finally came to a close at the Oliewenhuis Art Museum in Bloemfontein in 2018.



Alexander von Klitzing, Andries Botha, Angus Taylor, Anita Finken, Berco Wilsenach, Brendon Erasmus, Carla Crafford, Cedrick Kwata, David Brown, Deborah Bell, Elbie Erasmus, Estian Gericke, Francois Visser, Gordon Froud, Jessica Bothma, Johann Nortjé, Johan Thom, Joni Brenner, Kenau Botha, Liberty Battson, Martyn Schickerling, MJ Lourens, Norman Catherine, Rina Stutzer, Ruhan Janse van Vuuren, Simon Zitha, Sophia van Wyk, Steven Delport, Sunet Ferreira.